While most new parents are told to prepare for sleepless nights and fatigue while raising a newborn, many don't know that back pain is also a common issue. This newly developed pain can slow you down throughout the day, affect your sleep further, and make caring for a new child extra difficult. Here's a guide to help you avoid and treat this unexpected pain.

Why New Parents Have Back Pain

Back pain during pregnancy is normal, but many don't take into account how much time they'll spend carrying a baby in the first couple of years. Factor in that infants can reach 20 to 30 pounds by their first birthday and the weight of accessories for an infant—such as diaper bags and bottles—and it quickly becomes clear that new parents will be hauling around a lot more weight than they prepared for. 

Because of all this extra weight, strains, sprains, and pulled muscles are very common. In more severe cases, a herniated or slipped disk is possible. 

How to Address & Alleviate This Pain

Stretching & Working Out

Improving core and back strength is one of the most effective ways of both alleviating and preventing back pain. It's crucial for the birthing parent to rest and rebuild muscles in the weeks after childbirth. But once the doctors clear the patient for strenuous activity, a regular fitness routine will keep the core strong and make caring for the newborn much easier and safer. For other parents and caregivers, a steady routine leading up to childbirth will prepare you to handle the baby's weight right away.

back pain

If you start experiencing back pain while caring for a newborn, doing a few simple stretches throughout the day will help alleviate pain and keep you going. Deep squats against a wall, knee-to-chest stretches, and child's pose are a few low-intensity stretches to try first.

Lifting Mindfully

You'll be lifting the new baby many times a day, so proper technique is vital. Even the weight of a newborn can throw your back out if you aren't careful. Most importantly, always bend your knees when lifting. This distributes the extra weight over your legs rather than your back. You should also bring all the weight as close to the rest of your body as possible before lifting. Avoid holding the baby away from you while lifting, as this puts much more strain on your shoulders and back. Your legs should always be doing the majority of the work.


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