If you plan to add a shed to your yard, you are likely deciding what type of foundation to place it on. There are several options, but concrete floors are a leading choice for foundations. The strongest and heaviest style of shed foundation, concrete requires more effort to install, but the resulting base will provide your shed with years of stability and strength. Here are a few leading reasons to consider starting your new shed with a concrete foundation.

Why Should You Choose Concrete for Your Shed's Foundation?

1. Durability

concrete floors

Construction experts estimate that concrete floors can last up to 50 years or more. Concrete can easily withstand heavy loads and stresses under which metal and wood might fracture or buckle.

If you plan to use heavy machinery or garden equipment, concrete will act as a level, long-lasting, stable platform for storage and maintenance. Even if you’re only planning to use your shed for lighter tasks, you’ll be able to count on your shed base for years.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Natural materials like stone and wood often require regular maintenance with specialized cleaning materials and tools. However, concrete floors need only be mopped or pressure-washed to remove stains and dirt quickly. 

The only other necessary maintenance is resealing the surface every two to five years to prevent spalling and cracking. These undemanding maintenance requirements let you keep your shed floors looking their best without costing you the time needed for your projects.

3. Versatility

Once installed, concrete floors can be modified or used in several ways to complement or organize your space. For example, you can use concrete as a stable, even foundation for a timber floor. Well-sealed concrete is highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, so you can store wet garden equipment and various machinery on it without worry. In a large enough space, you can even subdivide the shed into separate work areas without altering or adapting the floors for partitioning walls.


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