Energy-efficient washing machines, also known as high-efficiency (HE) washers, are popular in households as they use less water and electricity. In addition to conserving natural resources and energy, these appliances help you save money on your monthly utility bills. Before investing in one, you might want to know more about them. Here's what to consider before making your purchase. 

A Guide to High-Efficiency Washers

1. Larger Capacity 

HE washers do not use agitators, which are the vertical spindles located in the center of traditional machines. Instead, these devices have drums that spin at high and low speeds, rotating clockwise and counterclockwise. This movement allows garments to rub against one another and form a lather with detergent, resulting in thorough cleansing. The lack of an agitator typically leaves more room in the basin for clothing, towels, and linens, which helps you get more laundry done in a single load and saves time.

2. Long Yet Gentle Wash Cycles

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HE washing machines use as little as 13 gallons of water per load, which amounts to at least half the fluid consumed by traditional devices. However, this results in increased washing times, as it takes longer for all of your clothes, towels, and sheets to tumble through a lower volume of water. However, the water and money you'll save make longer cycles worthwhile. Additionally, since these machines do not use agitators, they cleanse clothes more gently, which keeps your garments in excellent condition. 

3. Require Low-Suds Detergent

Since HE washers rotate and tumble laundry instead of using agitators, they may cause detergent to produce more suds. Prevent the machine from overflowing with bubbles and keep your laundry free from chalky or sticky residues by using only low-sudsing detergent in these appliances. Additionally, the production of more suds means you won't have to use as much detergent per load, which saves money and prevents waste.

4. Need Routine Upkeep

Keep the machine's interior from growing mold and producing unpleasant odors by promptly removing the laundry as soon as the cycle finishes. This prevents damp garments, towels, and linens from creating a favorable environment for fungi to reproduce. Leaving the door open after removing the laundry allows the basin to completely dry, serving as an additional precaution against mold and mildew growth. 

Many of these appliances also have built-in maintenance cycles, which can be run periodically. During this process, the basin fills to the brim with hot water, removing any harmful microbes.


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