Between roasting the turkey and baking pies, your oven sees a lot of use when you prepare Thanksgiving meals. Once the festivities are over, the oven will likely be covered in crumbs, grease, and other leftover debris from the cooking. If you have a self-cleaning appliance, all you have to do is switch it to the proper setting, lock the oven door, and wait for it to bake away the mess. If you don’t have this feature, restore your oven to its pre-Thanksgiving condition by following these simple steps.

The 4 Steps of Oven Cleaning

1. Prepare the Oven

Remove the interior racks and submerge them in a dish soap solution overnight. Next, sweep out any loose crumbs that have collected inside the kitchen appliance. You should also lay towels along the front of the oven to catch any debris or liquid that comes out during the cleaning process.

2. Apply Cleaning Solution

While there are many different cleaning solutions you can use for your oven, most will take a few hours to penetrate through the buildup and loosen debris. If you use a store-bought oven cleaner, follow the product instructions on how to apply the solution. Since these products can contain hazardous fumes, shield your face, and ventilate the kitchen.

If you don’t want to use oven cleaner, add water to baking soda until it develops a pasty consistency. Apply the solution to the interior and let it sit for at least 12 hours.

3. Wipe the Interior

applianceOnce you’ve let the solution do it’s work, wipe away the debris with a damp sponge or towel. If there’s still debris stuck on surfaces, wet it with a water and vinegar solution. Use a copper or stainless steel sponge to scrub away the baked-on matter until it comes loose.

4. Rinse the Racks

When you’re finished wiping the interior of the oven, take the racks out of the soaking solution to clean them. Most of the debris should come off as you rinse and wipe the racks with a damp sponge. If stubborn materials remain, scrub the rack to remove them.


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