From school and sports uniforms to dirty bedsheets and towels, homeowners with kids do multiple loads of laundry a week. As a result of heavy use, the washing machine may develop issues that diminish its life span. Here’s how to tell if you need to replace the appliance.

3 Signs of a Failing Washing Machine

1. Inadequate Water Use

If the machine doesn’t fill with enough water to wash medium and large loads, there may be a loose hose or leak in the supply line. These problems can be easily repaired by a technician. However, if the water issue stems from a leak in a cracked drum, get a new appliance since replacing this component can be expensive.

2. Elevated Utility Bills

washing machineCompare previous energy bills—a price increase may mean the washer is using too much water to clean the load. This spike can also indicate that the appliance is pulling excess power to spin a drum with a broken motor. If the machine is over 10-years-old, replace it with a more efficient model that will save money and energy.

3. Loud Noises

Washing machines should make dull humming, grinding, and gurgling noises when operating correctly. However, if you notice loud banging or see the machine moving out of place, it may have a broken motor or loose drum. If the cost of repairing or changing these components exceeds a few hundred dollars, replacing the entire appliance is a better investment.


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