A good night’s sleep is crucial to everyone's health and wellness. Unfortunately, many couples are finding that they can have vastly different nighttime experiences while sharing the same bed, comforter, and pillows because of temperature. Below is a brief guide to help you determine if you are a hot or cold sleeper as well as the best bedding for both types. 

Hot Sleepers

People who are hot or warm sleepers do not need blankets or comforters to feel comfortable in bed. They constantly feel warm and have difficulty getting to those cooler temperatures that help the body release melatonin, which aids in relaxation and sleep. In fact, they may feel warm even if the temperature in the room is reasonably cool. Because of their warmer core temperatures, it isn’t unusual for hot sleepers to have problems falling or staying asleep.

comforterFor hot sleepers, it's best to invest in bedding made with moisture-wicking materials to help keep you cool. Natural fibers like silk, cotton, and bamboo are highly breathable and will allow air to circulate your body and reduce nighttime sweating. To maximize your nightly rest, eliminate the use of heavy, heat-trapping down comforters and sleep on a wicking mattress and use cooling pillows instead. 

Cold Sleepers

If you’re a cold sleeper, chances are you feel more sensitive to cool air. Though cooler temperatures in the bedroom are ideal for optimal sleep, you may often find yourself shivering at night, even if your partner doesn’t seem to be affected by the temperature. Women are better at conserving core body heat, so they tend to feel colder than men. 

Whether you live in a cold environment or are always cold, you should use heat-retaining comforters, mattresses, and pillows to give you the warmth you need without overheating. Memory foam mattresses are an ideal choice because they conform to the shape of your body, which means the surface you touch will warm faster. You can also switch out your cotton sheets for flannel bedding for a soft, cozy alternative.


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