When relying on your furnace to keep the home warm throughout the colder months, an unexpected breakdown is significantly uncomfortable. However, by preparing for potential issues and recognizing when to call for furnace repair, you can avoid large-scale malfunctions that prevent the appliance from working. Here are some issues to remember.

What Propane Furnace Problems Should You Know?

1. Continuously Running Blower

When the furnace turns on, the blower should only run for 10 to 20 minutes. If it continues to operate even when warm air is no longer coming from the vents, there may be a few issues. First, check the thermostat to ensure the fan is set to off or auto. If this setting is on, the fan will run all the time, even if the furnace is not cycling.

If the settings are correct, the next possible culprit is the fan limit switch. This component is a safety tool that keeps the appliance from overheating, and when the wires inside the control panel short-circuit, the fan may run continuously. This requires a furnace repair technician to replace the switch and wires so that the appliance runs properly. 

2. Little to No Heat

furnace repair

The main purpose of a furnace is to provide heat, and when it doesn't, you should start by checking the thermostat to see if someone turned it down. Next, inspect the air filter. When debris and dust clog this part, air doesn't reach the heat exchanger, causing the fan limit switch to shut off the burners for safety. Generally, you should change this part every one to three months, depending on how quickly it gets dirty.

If neither of these components are the culprit, the propane valve may be closed, preventing the furnace from receiving gas. Alternatively, you have a malfunctioning pilot light. These issues are dangerous to address on your own because they present the risk of a gas leak, so call a furnace repair technician to inspect the appliance.

3. Strange Noises

While the furnace will make some noise while operating, this should only be a low hum. Not all strange noises require immediate furnace repairs, but it can be difficult to determine the exact cause. If you hear banging, rattling, or squealing when the heating system turns on, call an HVAC contractor. They will diagnose the issue and get your furnace back to its quiet working order safely.


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