Whether you're an experienced diver or a total beginner, planning a scuba diving trip in a new place takes time. Each location is unique, and the many Hawaiian islands are no different, each offering something no other island can give you. To help simplify the planning process, here's a brief guide to planning a diving trip.

A Brief Guide to a Successful Scuba Diving Trip in Hawaii

Do Your Research

Each of Hawaii's inhabited islands offers unique diving opportunities, and the best way to get an ideal experience is to research ahead of time. Identify the locations that have dives that interest you, and make a list of spots where you want to do multiple dives. In general, the Big Island has the widest variety of dives, while Oahu sports many interesting wrecks, Kauai is known for its biodiversity and night dives, and Maui has beautiful shore diving.

Know the Local Environment

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Take time before your dives to visit the beaches and dive sites and familiarize yourself with the local environments. You may be eager to get to the scuba diving part of your trip, but knowing what to expect from the surrounding environment makes these dives safer and more fun. You can also make this an opportunity to brush up on local flora and fauna to help you identify what you see underwater. 

What to Prepare Before Your Trip

Your scuba gear is crucial to a good trip, but you'll also want to bring accessories that aren't involved in the dives. Items like a hat and a sarong will help you better enjoy the beach. A hat protects you from the sun, and a sarong is an easy-to-pack, lightweight alternative to a beach towel that can also double as clothing. Tampons, pads, and packs of toilet paper may also come in handy while exploring outside of the city. Rash guards are comfortable, dry quickly, and will reduce the need for sunblock throughout the day.


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