Since the 1960s, microwaves have been a staple appliance in kitchens around the world. Their ability to cook food quickly and efficiently has made them indispensable tools, whether you're an experienced gourmet chef or a total cooking novice. Proper microwave usage will prevent the need for appliance repairs further down the road; below, learn a few dos and don'ts of utilizing this essential device.


Check the food as it cooks.

Once you put food in the microwave, it can be tempting to just set the timer and leave it. But different foods cook at different rates. Also, different microwaves have varying levels of wattage and power, so standard cooking times can vary between makes and models. The solution is to check your food as it cooks. This way, you can ensure that it cooks evenly and is heated all the way through. When cooking liquids, stir them frequently to distribute heat equally. When possible, smaller food items should be turned halfway through the cooking time to promote even heating.

Clean the microwave once a week.

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Grease, food, and dirt can easily build up on the inside of the device, which hinders its cooking ability, increases the risk of bacterial growth, and causes problems that require appliance repairs. Avoid these outcomes by cleaning the oven at least once a week. Fill a microwave-safe bowl halfway with water and two tablespoons of baking soda; place the bowl in the microwave and run it for three minutes; with potholders, carefully remove the bowl; use a sponge or paper towel to wipe away the now-softened grease and grime inside.


Put metal in the microwave.

Microwave technology interacts with the electrons of metal objects. The waves essentially disrupt the electrons and cause them to spark. If the object isn't removed in time, there will almost certainly be an explosion. So, never put metal in the microwave, even objects or wrappings with tiny metal components.

Cover the food.

Microwaves generate massive amounts of heat within seconds. Any foods containing liquid or fat can start to splatter in no time, leaving you with a huge mess and less food to serve. Cover foods with a paper towel to best minimize and contain splatters.


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