When a home appliance breaks down, your first thought may be to attempt repairs yourself. While this is fine for minor issues, trying to fix significant problems can be unsafe and lead to more damage in the long run. Below are some examples of when you should leave appliance repair to the professionals. 

Why Fixing Home Appliances Can Be Dangerous

1. Dishwasher

This appliance looks simple to fix, but it poses multiple risks for people unaware of its many features. Dishwashers mix electricity and water, which can be a dangerous combination.

Disposals and compactors inside can turn on unexpectedly and potentially cause an injury. When attempting to fix a dishwasher, you may accidentally cause a leak that can ruin your floors and cabinets. A professional will quickly get to the root of the problem and follow the various safety procedures to ensure you have clean pots and pans.

2. Oven

Ovens can easily cause burns if they aren’t handled properly. Gas-powered models can also cause a leak in your home.

appliance repairAttempting to fix the gas line yourself can put your safety at risk. A professional has the experience to keep you safe by turning off all power sources, closing the gas supplies, and disconnecting any ground wires before attempting repairs.

3. Washer & Dryer

Problems with your washer or dryer can be anything from issues with the electrical outlet to blocked pipes. If you make a mistake when attempting to repair one of these machines yourself, you can cause more damage to it. Professional appliance repair is the best option. A technician will be able to quickly address the problem and save you unnecessary time and money. 

4. Refrigerator

Your refrigerator keeps your food cold and fresh. If you aren’t familiar with the mechanism, attempting repairs yourself can waste time and spoil your food.

Refrigerators contain large amounts of foam insulation materials that are highly flammable. Attempting to fix a fridge that’s run by electricity can cause a fire. A professional will keep you safe and ensure you have a steady supply of fresh produce. 


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