The world of mobile food trucks is a competitive one, and fresh ingredients will elevate your food quality and give you an edge over competitors. The concept of ‘farm to table; food will give you the freshest ingredients to work with, and by incorporating quality refrigeration equipment in your food truck design, your ingredients will stay fresher longer and help you create fantastic food. Below is more information on how the concept works for food trucks and the benefits it offers.

How Does It Work for Mobile Food Trucks?

The phrase ‘farm to table’ refers to purchasing ingredients fresh from local producers and farmers to use in your dishes. It bypasses the supply line involved with buying ingredients from grocery stores and produce chains. Instead of buying market produce and meat that has been frozen or refrigerated, shipped, stored, and then stocked, you’ll buy your supplies directly from the source.

If your food truck operates in an urban area, you might have to travel a short time to find a local farmer to contract with, but it will be worth it in terms of produce quality and the custom food truck dishes you’re able to create with them.

What Are the Benefits?

mobile food trucksThere are multiple benefits offered to food trucks with this method. The most obvious and significant benefit is that your ingredients will always be fresher.

You’ll know exactly where they came from, how old they are, and the process they undergo from being harvested to being used in your dishes. With the ideal food truck design, you’ll be able to store those ingredients for a week or more and still have them be fresher than if you’d bought from a store.

You’ll have the power to use organic ingredients and choose suppliers that you trust, all while supporting local people instead of national grocery chains and franchises. You’ll save money through the process, as farmers may negotiate on price and offer bargains.

With the right equipment, your inventory will last longer than if you buy items that have already sat around for a week or two during shipping and stocking. You’ll also have the power to find niche ingredients that groceries may not carry, allowing you to broaden your custom food truck menu.


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