Many mobile food truck owners are passionate about their food, but it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to maintenance. Your truck is both your place of business and your primary way of getting food to your customers, so maintenance should have equal importance to creating delicious dishes. Learn more about food truck maintenance in the guide below.

Mechanical Maintenance

It’s not uncommon for restaurateurs to drive mobile food trucks over distances of hundreds of miles, but even within your hometown, getting around town is impossible without a reliable engine.

Regular maintenance and replacement of fluids and filters will extend the working life of your vehicle and offer significant cost savings. Key fluids and filters to maintain include antifreeze, brake fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and oil, air, and fuel filters.

mobile food trucksRemember to check your battery level periodically, and ensure that it’s firmly situated in your engine with tight connections. Many auto maintenance stores will provide battery testing facilities free of charge. Replace the battery about every 72 months to guarantee reliable starting and operation.

While topping up fluid and replacing filters, visually inspect your engine for worn or damaged components. Excessive rust or broken belts or hoses can cause significant damage to your truck, so if you spot these, schedule repairs as soon as possible. In addition to your own maintenance routine, schedule a full mechanical inspection every 12 months to ensure your truck is functioning reliably.

Appliance Maintenance

Caring for your appliances daily is essential for keeping your kitchen working. Before beginning work, check for dirt or damage in the grease filters, thermometers, combustion and extractor fans, electrical cords and outlets, refrigerator gaskets, dishwasher chemical levels, and burners and grates.

Not only will these daily checks ensure reliable performance during working hours, but they’ll also help you identify potential problems early on and prepare for periodic health and safety inspections. Training your employees to carry out these checks will further protect you from costly equipment failures or inspection fines.

Wheel Maintenance

Caring for your wheels will boost efficiency throughout your mobile food truck. Well-maintained wheels will not only get you to your customers, but they’ll also improve gas mileage by keeping drag to a minimum and reducing wear on your engine.

Test your tire pressure daily to ensure even weight distribution and lower the risk of blowouts, and rotate them every six months to allow them to wear evenly. Your truck will also need reliable brake pads for safe, effective stopping. Be sure to check these every 25,000 miles, and be prepared to replace them if they’re worn.


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