Lyme disease is spread through bacteria in the bite of an infected tick. This illness has been a focal point of scientists for years because while it's rarely fatal, it has serious repercussions for the heart, joints, and nervous system if not treated with antibiotics in a timely manner. This is a key reason families across the U.S. hire highly trained technicians like Cape Cod Mosquito Squad to apply tick spray to their properties. In a new chapter of research, those who live with the long-term effects of Lyme disease may benefit from the intensive study of "long haul" COVID-19 and its far-reaching symptoms. Cape Cod Mosquito Squad shares a closer look at how the pandemic may aid the treatment of this debilitating tick-borne illness.

What Is COVID-19 "Long Haul" Illness?

The majority of patients who experience illness after contracting COVID-19 find their symptoms clearing up after two weeks or so. However, a major concern of the scientific community involves those who have certain lingering and recurring symptoms weeks and months later, long after the coronavirus has left their bodies. This phenomenon is commonly known as long COVID or post-COVID syndrome and can impact those who had minimal signs of illness when they had the virus.

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Long COVID can result in repeated hospital stays, persistent breathing issues, heart inflammation, and other serious problems, causing many "long haulers" to be unable to work or lead the lives they're used to. Since the virus only began spreading widely in early 2020, more time is needed to determine what recovery and treatment will look like. 

How Might New Research Impact Lyme Disease Study?

While COVID is viral in nature and Lyme disease is bacterial, the long-term attributes share a remarkable number of similarities. Much like the experience of COVID "long-haulers," fatigue, headaches, joint pain, blurred vision, heart palpitations, and cognitive issues are common symptoms for those with chronic Lyme disease, who also frequently have difficulties holding down a job or functioning at the level they once enjoyed. 

There is currently no treatment for Post-Lyme Disease Treatment Syndrome (PLDTS). However, with a huge amount of scientific funding and study being devoted to the long-term impact of the new coronavirus, people dealing with Lyme disease are hopeful that a new horizon of treatment—and possibly a cure—will be discovered. 

While new research will hopefully one day produce a cure for Lyme disease, it's important to protect your family from the risks carried by ticks. Turn to the highly trained technicians at Cape Cod Mosquito Squad to strategically apply tick spray on your property and significantly reduce the presence of these pests. The team also provides cotton tick tube services to extend prevention efforts. To learn more about their services, visit the specialists online. Call their Wellfleet, MA, office at (508) 589-4994 to schedule convenient tick spray treatment.