Smooth and sleek, a Brazilian Blow Out is one of the most popular services at hair salons. However, like any hair retexturizing service, there’s some maintenance involved. Although it generally lasts for about three months, if you aren’t consistent with post-treatment care at home, you could be headed back to the salon much earlier than that. To ensure your blowout lasts for long as possible, keep the following in mind.

What Are Some Brazilian Blow Out Longevity Tips?

1. Use the Right Products

Aim for shampoos and conditioners that are both lightweight and hydrating on your hair. Anything too oily will weigh your hair down and make it look flat. When in doubt, ask your hairstylist what products they recommend.

2. Change Your Hair Washing Schedule

In addition to choosing the correct shampoos and conditioners, try to minimize how often you’re using them at all. If you aren’t already, avoid washing your hair every day; doing so strips it of its natural oils. To keep your hair looking and feeling fresh on the off-days, use a dry shampoo instead.

3. Loosen Ponytails & Buns

brazilian blow outWhen you’re working out or just trying to keep your hair out of your face, avoid tight ponytails or buns. These hairstyles create twists and bends in your Brazilian Blow Out. A loose bun held in a scrunchy and bobby pins or claw-clips is much better.

4. Pile It On Top When Sleeping

A loose topknot bun is also great for bedtime. Sleeping with your hair directly on a pillow can leave it looking flat in the morning. To protect it from frizz, consider wrapping it in a silk head wrap.

5. Avoid Touching It

Finally, don't touch your hair too often. As lovely as it is to run your fingers through it, the natural oils from your skin or hand cream will begin to build up. If you’re someone who tends to touch their hair when nervous or contemplative, you may want to get a fidget device like a spinner ring to quell the habit!


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