During the winter, you'll rely on your heating system to keep your home warm and cozy. Heating oil is a liquid petroleum product used to provide fuel to furnaces and boilers. If you run out of oil on particularly frigid days, your home can become uncomfortable and potentially too cold to stay in until the system is running again. Here's more about the importance of having enough oil and how to maintain a steady supply. 

Why You Should Avoid Running Out

If you run out of heating oil suddenly, your furnace or boiler will stop running, which can cause the pilot light to go out. This may necessitate a professional reset, which requires a heating contractor to drain the oil line and replace the filters, which takes time and might cost you more money. 

heating oil

Debris and sludge naturally fall to the bottoms of oil tanks. When levels become low, your furnaces and boilers will pull thick and dirty oil through supply lines, potentially creating blockages in the pipes or filters. This may result in inefficiency and elevated energy bills or cause your system to break down. 

How to Keep a Steady Supply 

Smart meters use sensors placed directly in the tank and have software that communicates with smartphones or tablets. You'll receive app alerts when levels become low, giving you enough time to order more oil before your supply depletes. Additionally, these meters monitor your home heating oil consumption so that you can estimate how much fuel you'll need during subsequent seasons.

Setting up a delivery schedule through your oil provider is an excellent way to prevent running out of fuel. Your delivery company can estimate the amount of heating oil you need and how frequently you'll need it based on your home's square footage and the number of appliances that require fuel.  


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