During the hot summer months, your home’s heating oil tank may be far from your mind. As a result, you may leave it empty for the season. However, doing so can cause damage to the system and leave you unprepared when cold weather arrives. Here’s what to know about keeping your oil tank full this summer. 

Why Is An Empty Oil Tank Problematic?

In warmer weather, condensation can accumulate on the walls of an empty tank. Water droplets will oxidize the tank material and cause rust. Rust not only corrodes the walls, creating holes and cracks that heating oil can leak through, but it also produces sediment that can clog the fuel lines. Clogged lines will keep your furnace from functioning and can also create a fire hazard.

Water droplets will also fall to the bottom of the tank and accumulate. The puddle will provide a hospitable environment for bacterial growth. Over time, the microorganisms can produce sediment and sludge that also contribute to clogs.

What Are the Benefits of Keeping a Full Tank In the Summer?

heating oil

Keeping a full tank not only protects it from corrosion and clogs, but it also ensures an easier transition back to cooler weather. Most people will wait until the fall to get their tanks filled up. 

As a result, there may be shortages at that time. By getting the tank filled in the summer, you’ll avoid the rush that can make it harder to schedule a delivery and be prepared for the fall and winter. Also, fuel prices are often higher in the winter when there’s increased demand, so you may be able to save considerable money by purchasing yours during the warmer months. 


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