Heating oil furnaces are safe, affordable, and efficient. There are many ways to store this fuel so it’s ready for home use. Here is a guide to container types and materials to help you choose the best option for your family.

Heating Oil Storage Tank Types 


heating oil New London County CTHomes often feature aboveground tanks with holding capacities of 160–400 gallons of heating oil. Households that use little fuel may prefer smaller tanks even though they require more frequent filling. Larger capacity tanks don’t need to be refilled as often but have a significantly higher refill price tag. 

Aboveground options may live in the basement, attached garage, or utility room. Some companies install these containers outdoors near the side or rear of the home, so they don’t take up valuable indoor square footage.

Aboveground tanks are easier to install, monitor, and make repairs to than underground tanks.


Underground tanks often hold much higher amounts of oil, from 550–1,000 gallons. Contractors bury these containers but can still access them via an aboveground fill pipe to deliver more fuel and ensure the home never runs out. 

Underground tanks are more susceptible to rust and corrosion and are more challenging to monitor for leaks. 

Heating Oil Storage Tank Materials


Over the years, heating oil has become more stable, making it easier and less dangerous to store. Many homeowners keep this fuel in steel tanks because they offer a low-cost option for installation aboveground or belowground. This material is susceptible to rust and corrosion due to moisture exposure that can cause leaking over time. It’s critical to purchase tanks that are strictly meant for use as heating oil storage as they offer the thickest, more durable material that will hold up under pressure.


Newer fiberglass tanks do not rust or corrode and work for underground and aboveground installation. This option is often easier to install because it weighs less, and it has a longer lifespan than metal options.


Homeowners looking for the sturdiest, most reliable heating oil containers might choose combination tanks. These large capsules have a polyethylene composite inner tank and galvanized steel outer tank. While this is the costliest container, it offers the longest lifespan and is the least likely to rust or incur damage due to weather changes and moisture exposure.


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