The ideal humidity for a home is between 40% and 50%. At this level, the air is comfortable to breathe but not dry enough to cause irritation or damp enough to feel heavy. The right percentage is also good for indoor air quality because low humidity discourages mold growth and limits airborne mold spores. You can test your humidity with a hygrometer from a local hardware store; if it’s over 50%, try these tips to lower it.

How to Reduce Household Humidity

1. Avoid Creating Steam

Homes tend to be damper than the surrounding outdoor areas because of the many activities residents do inside the house that release moisture into the air. Long, hot showers are major culprits, so try taking shorter ones, using a lower water temperature, or soaking in a bath instead. Opt for eating salads or sandwiches instead of using the stove or oven; when you do cook, open a window or turn on your range hood to get rid of steam. Make sure your dryer vent is cleaned regularly so it releases damp air outside, and consider using an outdoor clothesline when possible.

2. Get a Portable Dehumidifier

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Small, free-standing dehumidifiers are very affordable. These appliances usually aren’t enough to improve indoor air quality throughout the whole house, but they can make a noticeable difference in a single area or enclosed room. This is useful if you notice specific problem spots—like if it gets especially muggy in your bedroom while you sleep.

3. Keep Up With HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioner naturally reduces humidity as it operates. As air from your home flows over the cold evaporator coil, moisture condenses on its surface. This water falls into the drip pan below and is emptied through the air conditioner’s drain hose, removing it from circulation. 

This cycle works best when the involved components are cleaned regularly. This prevents clogs and ensures the coil’s surface is fully exposed to the air; changing the appliance's filter every one to three months allows for more suitable and uninterrupted airflow, as well.


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