In the construction industry, trap rock is a name used to refer to any dark-colored igneous rock that’s used to produce crushed stone. The common rock types that Manchester Aggregate Supply in Manchester, CT, define as trap rock include basalt, gabbro, and peridotite.

This aggregate distributor explains that trap rock isn’t a geological term, and instead applies to rock with an unknown or unimportant mineral composition. With a range of sizes and types, there are several applications for this aggregate:

  • Driveways & Roads: Trap rock is excellent for use as a surfacing material and a base. It provides the necessary traction for tires while allowing driveways and roads to maintain their structural integrity. Thanks to its excellent freeze-thaw resistance, it’s a great material for abrasion resistance.
  • aggregate distributorWalkways: Crushed aggregate is often used when creating paths and walkways at homes and businesses. Gravel is the most common type of trap rock used for these purposes thanks to its decorative and functional applications. Many think of crushed gray rocks when gravel comes to mind, but this material comes in a myriad of colors like yellow and blue.
  • Drainage: Whether you need to reduce storm water runoff, stem flooding, or construct a garden, trap rock is an excellent way to encourage drainage. It helps filter excess water into the soil, which is particularly useful for promoting healthy drainage in septic systems.
  • Traction: During the wintertime, ice can form on the ground, which creates dangerous slippery conditions. Aggregate distributors often spread crushed rock across icy surfaces to improve traction for pedestrians and motorists.

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