Whether working on a landscaping project or constructing a retaining wall from scratch, the type of fill material you use can help ensure that it remains standing for many years to come. Manchester Aggregate Supply in Hartford County, CT, wants you to know that they carry quite a few different types of backfill products, so they’ve gathered some information on a few of them below to help you choose the right one.

4 Different Fill Materials from Construction Aggregates 

1. Coarse-Grained Soil

One of the most common types of backfill material is coarse-grained soil. Such material often consists of sandy soil types, gravel soils, or a mixture of both gravel and sand. This filler type is ideal for areas in need of compaction and foundation support, that might also benefit from a certain amount of drainage.

2. Rock

fill-materials Another common type of fill material is crushed rock or stone. It’s most commonly used for projects where drainage is absolutely necessary, such as in septic tanks, or dams that need to provide a certain amount of water runoff. Rock and crushed stone are also frequently used in the construction of driveways, as a compacted base. Crushed stone also makes an ideal landscaping filler, providing maximum drainage while still protecting the ground from erosion. 

3. Fine-Grained Soil

Although not ideal for areas in need of drainage, fine-grained soil is another popular type of fill material used in construction. Since it’s much finer than other soil types, it can be easily compacted, providing a firm and solid base to build upon. 

4. Commercial Byproducts 

In addition to the many different filler types found in nature, there are also a few commercially made materials that may be used when natural fill material isn’t available. Slag and ash are both lightweight backfill materials that can be used in a variety of different scenarios; they can also be mixed with clay to form a highly plastic fill material. 

Selecting the right type of backfill material can often be complicated, which is why the professionals from Manchester Aggregate Supply are always available to help you find a solution. They also specialize in traprock and recycled concrete, so to learn more about their services, call them today at (860) 643-7777.