Low-interest rates and an active housing market have caused many homeowners to think about selling. Some may even consider a “for sale by owner” transaction to save time and money. However, working with a professional Realtor® has many benefits. The guide below explains the importance of having someone with industry knowledge guide you through this process. 

Why Hire a Realtor When Selling?

1. Save Time

Selling a home isn’t just about putting up a sign or online listing and waiting for the offers to roll in. The house needs to be photographed and marketed; showings must also be scheduled. Realtors have the resources and experience to navigate these steps for you and are used to interacting with potential buyers in a way that answers questions about your property while also demonstrating it in its best light. 


2. Boost Profits & Accelerate the Timeline

Realtors know the local market. They can recommend a listing price that gets your home sold fast or for its highest possible value, depending on your goals. They may also suggest small upgrades or staging changes to help your home appeal to local buyers, based on input from clients they’ve worked with recently. They also have industry connections and resources to quickly get your listing in front of interested buyers to accelerate a potential sale. 

3. Ensure a Smoother Process

Real estate transactions require contracts, agreements, and closing documents. There are specific legal requirements for these items, so failing to follow proper procedures may lead to a sale falling through or being delayed. Additionally, the potential buyer may try to include clauses in the agreement to benefit them, and you want to understand what these are. Realtors can handle the technical aspects to give you a better chance of seeing your home sold. They can also help put legal terms into more understandable language, so you are aware of what contingencies are in place.


If you’re looking for a Realtor in the O’Fallon, MO, area, turn to Jenny Derhake Relator-Coldwell Banker Gundaker. She knows the markets throughout Saint Louis, Saint Charles, and Lincoln counties, so she can get homes sold for optimal value and help buyers find the exact properties they need. She also provides guidance throughout the entire process to save buyers and sellers time. Call (314) 541-1771 or visit the website to receive a custom analysis for your property.