During the winter season, the humidity in the air naturally drops. Combine that with turning the heating on, and your home can feel very dry. Dry air doesn’t only transmit bacteria more easily, causing colds and flu, it also can dry out your skin, affect wooden furniture, and decrease indoor air quality. By making an effort to add more humidity back to your home, you will feel better and you will protect your family’s health and keep your house in good condition. Keep reading to learn some tips about how to increase the humidity inside. 

3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Humidity in Winter

1. Add Some Houseplants

Putting some greenery in your home doesn’t just add to the ambiance, it also helps to purify the air and add to the humidity. When the plants are watered regularly, the leaves and stems will release vapor into the air. The water sitting in the soil will also evaporate into the dry air, adding to the humidity levels. Choose tropical plants that do well in dry conditions, preferably with large leaves. 


2. Boil Water

During the winter, try to cook more often on the stovetop with boiling water. Whether you want to make pasta, boiled eggs, or another dish, the boiled water will quickly evaporate into the air, drastically increasing the humidity. Make sure not to put a lid on top of the pan so that the steam can freely enter the air. It can also help keep the house warm when it’s getting extra cold.

3. Install a Humidifier

If you want to make an investment that will keep the humidity high in your home all winter long, get a humidifier. Whether you choose to get a small, portable one, or a whole-home system, it is the best way to ensure you maintain good indoor air quality with appropriate humidity levels. You will have more control over how much humidity is in the air in your home. If you want to maintain an exact humidity level, a whole-home humidifier is very efficient at monitoring the amount of vapor it adds to the air. 


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