Energy efficiency is crucial to reduce your impact on the environment and keep your household budget reasonable. Efficiency is especially important when it comes to heating and cooling equipment, as these devices are used on a regular basis throughout the year. With the help of an HVAC contractor, you can make the following updates to your system for optimum home efficiency. 

3 HVAC Upgrades to Enhance Energy-Efficiency

1. Address Defects in Your Air Ducts

Most heating and cooling units use ducts to deliver air throughout your home. Over time, the fluctuating temperature causes metal to expand and contract, which can eventually lead to gaps. As air escapes from these gaps, it reduces comfort and efficiency in your home. Having ductwork assessed by an HVAC contractor ensures it's completely intact and free from damage. You can also have ducts sealed to reduce air loss even further. 

2. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats provide homeowners with more control over their HVAC systems. When away from home, you can program the temperature higher or lower to save money. And when you're due to return, the thermostat can adjust the temperature to ensure optimum comfort upon your arrival. Many smart thermostats also offer remote access via mobile devices. In addition to changing the temperature when away from home, you can also track energy usage and make adjustments when necessary. 

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3. Consider a Zoned HVAC System

With traditional HVAC equipment, air is dispersed throughout the entire home, whether rooms are occupied or not. Zoned systems use air handlers in multiple areas of the home for more precise heating and cooling. That means you can just heat or cool occupied sections instead of the entire home. Zoned HVAC systems save you money on utility costs without sacrificing essential home comfort. 


In North Lawrence, OH, the HVAC contractors at Crescenze Cooling & Heating can help you greatly enhance your home's energy efficiency. In addition to repairs and maintenance, this team also performs new installations of advanced equipment, including ductless systems. Because their staff is NATE-certified, you can rest assured of an amazing finished product. Learn more about their energy-efficient systems by visiting the website. You can also schedule an appointment at your home by calling (330) 830-0800. Remember, this family-owned business is a Carrier® CFAD dealer and is available 24/7 in case of an urgent issue.