The lobby in your office or hotel creates an impression—good or not-so-good—upon guests, partners, suppliers, and affiliates. If you’re looking for office solutions or in the midst of a hotel or office redesign project, there are many ways to make the lobby more welcoming. Get started by reviewing the following suggestions.

How to Create a More Engaging Lobby

1. Let It Reflect Your Brand

Use the lobby to reflect what’s special about your brand. Create a color palette based on your logo and marketing materials, and consider peppering the logo throughout the space, such as on couch pillows and the center of the front desk. By letting brand elements inspire the lobby design, you’re adding to the guest experience. Guests may even feel like they’ve been transported to another place by the time the remodel is complete.

2. Install Comfortable Furnishings

Make the welcome area a comfortable place to wait for friends, family, business meetings, and deliveries. Choose overstuffed couches and chairs that invite people to sit and unwind, and complement them with simple tables to avoid overwhelming the space. Place rugs in sitting areas as well to help promote a warm, welcoming vibe.

3. Add Ambiance

office solutionsHelp guests feel extra comfortable with the right ambiance plan. Perhaps soft lighting combined with background music is what’s missing from your lobby, or you want to dazzle guests with different light combinations over the front desk and waiting area. As long as the ambiance scheme goes with the brand and vibe you want to create, it will work.

4. Provide Refreshments

Create a refreshment area, such as near the front desk or furnishings, to help guests enjoy themselves. Water infused with fruits and vegetables such as lemons and cucumbers, tea, and coffee are standard, but you can also provide assorted juices and even food such as muffins or bagels if you have the space for a small refrigerator.

5. Ensure It Stays Clean

Have the lobby cleaned weekly and maintained daily with tasks such as sanitizing often-used surfaces and sweeping away dust and debris. A dirty lobby puts people off and makes them wonder what else isn’t cleaned regularly, such as the restrooms or kitchen. Avoid these issues by maintaining a neat, clean welcome area.


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