Scuba diving allows you to get an up-close look at the array of plants and animals living below the water’s surface. Feeling confident and calm while underwater will reduce the risk of an accident. All new divers should take lessons and participate in group outings to get used to the activity. The following tips will expand your knowledge and strengthen your skills to remain safe on each diving excursion. 

What New Divers Should Remember

1. Drink Plenty of Water

When you aren’t underwater, drink enough fluids so that you don’t feel thirsty. However, don’t drink too much and require frequent breaks to urinate. Many divers forget about the risk of dehydration since they’re surrounded by liquid.

If you’re thirsty, you won’t be able to stay cool in the water. Your body will direct blood to the skin to produce sweat and lower your body temperature. This causes blood pressure to plummet, and it can make you lose consciousness.

By remaining hydrated, you won’t pass out in the water. During lessons, an instructor will provide water bottles or encourage students to bring their own. 

2. Practice Buoyancy Control 

scubaMany new divers aren’t sure what to do with their arms. When you feel weightless, you can use your legs and fins to glide through the water. Keeping your arms motionless will help you conserve energy and avoid scaring fish away.

An instructor will teach strategies to control buoyancy and achieve a feeling of weightlessness. Controlling your weight through the proper breathing techniques can help you get closer to fish and enjoy a more relaxing experience.

3. Move With the Current

Even if you remain in shallow water, don’t move against the current. You’ll swim harder, which causes the muscles to strain more than necessary.

Overexertion can drain your energy, and you might not have enough to swim back to the surface. An instructor will teach you how to identify the current and flow with it to conserve energy.


If you want to try scuba diving, the instructors at Phoenix Scuba in Arizona will provide thorough training. The team has over 70 years of combined experience and has certified thousands of divers throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. For lessons, call (602) 374-3206. Visit the dive center online to view the event calendar, and see photos from the diving adventures on Facebook