By the time the school year wraps up, many parents wonder how to keep their children interested in learning throughout the summer. Staying excited about new skills can help your kids avoid boredom and stay engaged. Here are a few benefits of enrolling them in summer learning programs and gaming camps.

What Are the Perks of Summer Gaming Camps?

1. Prevent the “Summer Slide”

Studies have shown that most children lose an average of two months of computational math skills each summer, a problem that causes most kids to start behind when school resumes in the fall. However, many gaming camps focus on math, science, and technical skills, all while making tasks fun and exciting. This encourages kids to think about logic, reason, and problem-solving, keeping them sharp all summer long.

2. Help Kids Retain Their Confidence

gaming campWhen kids stop learning during the summer, they can become less confident about their knowledge, which can cause problems in the fall. Children may struggle to keep up with their classmates, which can cause stress and frustration during school. However, creating a culture of learning by enrolling your child in a gaming camp could help them to stay confident with what they already know, paving the way for a successful school experience.

3. Encourage Socialization

Outside of the classroom, kids may not have opportunities to make friends and socialize. However, summer learning programs encourage kids to interact and work with their peers, which can create healthy social opportunities—virtually or in-person. Kids can build bonds, collaborate with new acquaintances, and enter the school year with new technical and people skills.


If you’re interested in signing up your children for an exciting virtual camp or summer camp, turn to Game Camp Nation. Since their inception, they have been committed to helping students to improve their critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills by teaching them how to create video games. Their next in-person session is set for Norcross, GA, May 24-30, and their weeklong virtual camps are ongoing for kids across the country. If your camp is canceled due to COVID-19 and social distancing, get $200 off a virtual session plus full credit for the canceled session. Visit their website or call (888) 663-9633 to register today.

“My 12 year old son Daniel attended camp in Charlotte at the beginning of the summer. He had a great time and learned a lot. The staff was excellent and plenty of individual help was available. This camp was such a hit with my son that we sent him to another week in Cary a few weeks later. This was a different staff, but again they were awesome and the staff to camper ratio is great. He tried a different course in Cary that he is still working on at home. The facilities were very nice too. We plan to return next year.”  Robbie J., Facebook