If your kid is a die-hard gamer, video game design is a path they might like to pursue. This rewarding career positions them on the cutting-edge of the industry and offers a number of options. Below are a few details to know about the field if your child wants to create video games for a living.

3 Steps for Helping Your Kid Become a Video Game Designer

1. Start With Training

If your child wants to create video games, they need professional training. Many designers hold bachelor’s degrees in graphic design, computer animation, software development and programming, and more. They may earn these through universities or programs tailored specifically for video game design.

Start planning early. Look for design camps that start training kids from a young age through their graduation from high school. These will not only give your child the skills necessary to succeed in the field but also prepare them for college admissions and internship opportunities in the future.

2. Cultivate Specific Skills

create video gamesGame creators need specific knowledge. Candidates should have excellent attention to detail—the smallest graphic error or programming issue can ruin a video game experience.

Game creators must also work well under stress and meet tight deadlines while working closely with a variety of personnel, so your child requires effective communication skills. Video game designers are creative thinkers, storytellers, artists, and problem-solvers who can both self-manage and collaborate with large teams.

3. Explore Career Paths

There are many careers in the realm of video game design. Artists and animators bring games to life visually, while writers create the foundations. Software developers and engineers program the games, and various designers and project managers oversee production. Your child can look into each position and learn how team members work together during training.


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