If you want to create video games, you have a competitive but rewarding future ahead of you. To be successful in the field, major in a subject that gives you a solid foundation for a career. Below are some areas to consider if you want to work in video game design.

What Should You Major in if You Want to Create Video Games?

1. Computer Science

A computer science degree gives you the practical knowledge to create video games and handle a myriad of other problems. You’ll learn programming and coding for many applications instead of experiencing the small focus that comes with a game design degree.

You’ll be able to handle the developmental aspects and technological difficulties that are beyond the normal scope of game development, making you more independent. Being able to provide IT and computer support will make you desirable to employers and independent startups.

2. Interactive Entertainment

create video gamesInteractive entertainment offers education in game development for consoles and PC games, but it goes beyond that to include new technologies and platforms on which games are emerging.

It offers a broader education across different mediums, with a focus on innovative and creative ideas. Being trained to think outside the box and on new platforms that pave the way for the future will give you an advantage over other applicants.

3. Game Design & Development

A game design and development major covers foundational computer skills as well as design components. You’ll have a solid foundation for designing video games, as well as other key technological jobs. If you don’t land your dream job immediately, you’ll be set for a career in the computer field until you find the perfect position.

4. Game Design

Game design degrees are generally available in Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. They focus primarily on the arts instead of the technology and science side of design. For example, class subjects can include writing, painting, and music.

This major is ideal for candidates who want to strengthen their artistic skills, both digital and otherwise. A Bachelor of Fine Arts differs from a Bachelor of Arts in that it focuses more on your chosen field of interest—game design—honing your skills for that area in particular.


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