Bringing together your loved ones for a holiday dinner is always a joyous experience, but all the activity can be tough on your dining room furniture. All those guests passing dishes back and forth, dropping silverware, or setting down glasses can leave scratches, scrapes, and water rings that won’t go away without expensive table refinishing. Fortunately, taking a few precautions before your family and friends arrive can help your beautiful furniture survive the holidays without a scratch.

How to Protect Your Dining Furniture During the Holidays

1. Use a Tablecloth

A simple tablecloth can protect your furniture from scratches and scrapes, as well as condensation rings that can permanently stain the finish. Just be sure to choose a cloth made of cotton or linen since rougher materials, such as microfiber and coarse plastic, can scratch the protective surface on your table. You can also place additional felt or cloth pads underneath heavy ceramic dishes and decorative centerpieces to prevent damage, and also give your spread a festive splash of color.

2. Clean Spills Up Right Away

table refinishingSpills are an inevitable part of any large gathering, so be ready to clean up any liquid as soon as it hits the table. Wine, juice, or even water can leave permanent stains if they’re left to dry. If anyone spills anything, wipe up the excess liquid immediately, and be sure to dry underneath the tablecloth.

3. Be Careful With Heat

Many dishes are best served straight out of the oven, but hot pans can leave scorch marks that can only be removed with total table refinishing. Even if the dish isn’t especially heavy and you’re using a tablecloth, put a potholder or cork padding underneath any pans that are too hot to touch.


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