While you may think of concrete as any other material, it has its own fascinating history, usage, and legacy. Learning a little about its unique qualities will make you a more informed technician of the substance, and add some color to your experiences working with it.

Interesting Facts About Concrete

1. China Holds the Record for the Biggest Concrete Structure

The concrete behemoth in China is the Three Gorges Dam along the Yangtze River. Construction on the structure completed in 2006, with the final product raising 185 meters high and stretching 2,309 meters long. Thanks to its immense size, the nearby power station is capable of producing 22,500 megawatts of energy.

2. It Was a Favorite Material in Ancient Rome

concreteRomans loved to use a version of concrete, favoring it for its durability and strength. They combined water, ash, and lime to produce that early waterproof variant. Their builders then leveraged the material to build arches, piers, sewer systems, and most famously, the Colosseum—a center of Roman culture, and the site of the gladiatorial battles.

3. It Was Used for Spying in World War II

To stay aware of any enemy aircraft crossing into its borders, England developed a network of massive concrete structures outfitted with special acoustic equipment. Before the days of radar in World War II, these "listening ears" as they were known, served a similar function. They still line part of the country's coast today, and for a long time served as its first line of defense.


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