Concrete is a versatile, inexpensive material that offers many advantages. For example, when cured, it provides excellent water and heat resistance, which makes it a perfect addition in any home. Here, review some of the ways you can take advantage of these unique properties throughout your house.

How to Use Concrete in Your Decor

1. Sink

Concrete’s water and heat resistance make it ideal for kitchen and bathroom sinks. Use raw concrete as part of a postmodern or industrial look, or consider polished versions for a sophisticated appearance. If you use concrete as part of kitchen sink construction and have a garbage disposal, you’ll also enjoy a quieter appliance because the material muffles noise.

2. Flooring

concreteWhile often used for basement floors, concrete also functions as a low-maintenance, attractive flooring option in any room. Consider polished floors for a classic look, or dye the material to complement your home's color schemes. It's also possible to embed decorative materials, such as stones and sanded glass chips, in concrete for unique results.

3. Furniture

Concrete can be molded into furniture, such as benchtops, tabletops, chairs, stools, and side tables, as well as stand-alone countertops and kitchen islands. Use the material as part of a farmhouse, industrial, or minimalist design, or as chic furniture in a contemporary home. You can also pick from available molds or come up with your own designs.

4. Fireplace

This material works well as a fireplace hearth and mantel thanks to its heat resistance and design adaptability. Stamp it to mimic natural stone or brick, or keep it as a solid slab to create a showpiece. You can also stain it or leave it as is, while also enjoying heat retention that lingers hours after the embers stop glowing.


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