As strong and reliable as it may be, even concrete is susceptible to deterioration over time. When it cracks, it could ruin the curb appeal of your property, increase the risk of fall-related injuries, and allow the elements to erode the supportive layers underneath. If you’re hoping to fill in the rifts and prevent these consequences, you can use this guide to get started.

3 Steps to Fix Concrete Cracks

1. Gather the Materials

First, you’ll want to ready your concrete repair tool kit. Make sure you have a wire brush, a small hammer and a chisel, protective goggles, and something to place under your knees. You’ll also need the repair compound because concrete can’t be fixed with more concrete. For larger rifts, mortar mixes, while smaller cracks will do best with latex or epoxy repair mixes.

2. Prep the Area

concreteAfter donning your goggles and placing a pad or mat underneath you, pull out your hammer and chisel. Use these tools to carefully remove any weak parts of concrete surrounding the crack. These tools will dislodge any larger crumbling pieces. Then, rinse the area to remove the concrete dust. Finally, use the wire brush to sand away any small, loose particles lining the crack. This will create a smoother surface for the compound to adhere to.

3. Fill in the Crack

This step may differ depending on the product you use. For fine cracks, simply position the thin nozzle on your epoxy or latex bottle in one end of the crack, and work your way across the opening. If you’re using mortar for a larger crack, use a trowel or putty knife to fill in the opening, and press down on the mix to compress it. Once the crack is filled to the brim, use the trowel to ensure it’s level with the rest of the floor. Then, make sure the room is well-ventilated and restricted from use while the product is curing.


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