Concrete is an essential building material for everything from driveways to bridges. In recent years, ready-mix has made it easier and more cost-efficient to receive quality concrete delivered directly to any worksite. However, to ensure the installation goes over without a hitch, you’ll need to fully prep the site and yourself before the delivery date.

How to Get Ready for a Concrete Mix Delivery

1. Clear the Site & Secure the Framework

The day before the mix is scheduled to arrive, inspect the ground where the concrete will be poured. Compact and dampen the area to ensure it's sufficiently leveled, and clear any rocks, bushes, old concrete, and other debris before applying any necessary subgrade.

When the space is prepped, set up the framework that'll house the concrete. The wooden slabs need to be thick enough to withstand the amount of concrete you ordered. Also, attach string line to the forms that need to create straight lines, and fasten stakes against the forms to keep them from moving when the concrete is poured.

2. Make Room for the Delivery Truck


Ideally, you want the truck carrying the concrete mix to get as close to the worksite as possible. Clear vehicles and any objects that can prevent it from driving close and parking nearby. If you live next to other people, remember to ask them to relocate street-parked cars and any other possessions that might get in the way and potentially be damaged by your delivery.

If the delivery truck can't park close, you'll need to use a concrete pump—a tool that transfers the mix over long distances or height —or a wheelbarrow to move it to the desired location.

3. Ready Your Equipment

To safely and effectively apply your ready-mix concrete, you'll need several pieces of safety gear and working equipment. You'll need to wear a long-sleeve shirt, pants, waterproof boots, waterproof and alkaline resistant gloves, and eye protection to prevent burns. Also, have a hammer, spade, spirit level, water-resistant tarp, strings, and pegs ready to make the installation go easier.


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