Home fencing can play many important roles, from keeping kids and pets safely in your yard to providing privacy from passersby. Contractors can build fences utilizing many different sizes and materials, so consider your desired level of security, budget, and personal style. Here are the most common types of fencing materials to get you started.

Which Fencing Material Should I Choose?

1. Wooden

Wood is the most popular fencing choice for homeowners. It’s a highly versatile material that comes in a variety of styles, from the classic white picket fence to full-coverage privacy fences. The natural appearance of the wood gives this type of fence a warm and welcoming look that can increase the curb appeal of your home.

Keep in mind that the more lumber required for the final product, the more expensive your fence will be. Some wood materials, such as cedar and redwood, run at a higher price due to their longevity and resistance to insects, decay, warping, and shrinking.

2. Chain-Link

While chain-link fences docontractorn’t provide as much privacy as solid options, they are an excellent low-cost security option for families with young children and pets. If you have a limited budget or a large yard to enclose, a chain-link fence would make a cost-effective choice. This material is also highly durable and requires little maintenance. For added privacy, homeowners can plant tall flowers, vines, or shrubs in front of the fence.

3. Iron

Strong, highly durable, and long-lasting, iron provides the best solution for fencing security. Choosing a matte black style can make a stylish addition to any home. In terms of personalization, homeowners can request elegant custom designs from a skilled contractor—therefore making them the costlier option. On top of the price, iron requires regular maintenance to prevent corrosion. This includes rust removal, washing, and repainting.


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