When it comes to home renovations, window replacement is an excellent way to update the visual appeal, security, and overall efficiency of your property. Before purchasing new windows and hiring a contractor to complete the installation, here’s a rundown on the most popular types so that you know exactly what to get.

3 Window Replacement Options to Consider

1. Casement

A casement window delivers unobstructed views of your landscape while providing excellent ventilation. It has an operable panel on a vertical hinge, so it opens and closes like a door. This design also creates an airtight seal between the sash and window frame, minimizing drafts and heat transfers to increase the home’s energy-efficiency.

2. Awning

window replacementLike a casement window, this style has a hinge that can be opened and closed. However, its hinge is located at the top of the window to push the glass outward. Awning windows are handy if you want to feel a breeze without debris, leaves, and rain entering your home.

3. Single Sash

These windows are embraced for their simplicity, particularly in traditional homes. The design includes two vertical panels—the top remains in place while the bottom can be moved up and down to regulate airflow. However, since only one panel moves, cleaning requires more care and attention. If energy efficiency is important to you, outfit the single sash windows with vinyl frames to add insulation.


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