If you are planning a kitchen renovation, consider installing an island. This feature can add value to the home while increasing the space’s convenience and function. Here is what to think about when planning the island’s design.

3 Factors to Consider When Adding a Kitchen Island

1. Think About Its Use

Create a list of must-have kitchen island features, as these essentials will influence the design. For example, extra storage space will require bottom cabinets, and countertop seating will need an overhanging surface for stools to tuck under.

Then, think about how you can implement these essentials without breaking the bank. You can get composite instead of solid wood cabinets and choose quartz over a granite countertop.

2. Consider Its Size & Shape

kitchen renovationsMeasure the kitchen’s square footage to avoid choosing an island that is over- or under-sized. Proper island sizing requires leaving at least 42 inches between the island and the kitchen’s main countertop.

Think about the best island shape for your kitchen. For instance, rectangular models work well in L-shaped cooking spaces. If you want something more unique, opt for a U- or T-shaped island.

3. Determine the Utilities

Find out if the island requires utility changes, like an additional plumbing line for a preparation sink. Creating and moving utilities can be expensive, so ask your kitchen renovation contractor which lines exist in the space and how much it would cost to route them to the new island.


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