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Pay $0 $0 for Urgent Care for Injury Doctor + Attorney + Chiropractor + Physical Therapy for Car Accident and Work Comp Injury

Neck & Back Pain from Car Accident or Work Injury?


Pay $0 $0 for Doctor + Attorney + Chiropractor + Physical Therapist + Medication.


Auto Insurance Pays Your Medical Bill.


Are you picking an attorney from a flashy advertisement or using trial & error to pick the attorney hoping you will get the best settlement? Let us help you find the best attorney that fits your circumstance from our experience of settling hundreds of cases with different attorneys throughout the city. We know which attorneys do a good job and keep their promises.


If you have been injured in a Car Accident or Work Injury, get treated right away by a Medical Doctor to give you medications to make your treatments with a Chiropractor or Physical therapist more effective.

Get pain relief today from Board-Certified Internal Medicine physicians at Accident Doctors in Mesa, AZ.

What should I do after a car accident?

If you have been injured in a Car Accident or Work Injury, you need to get treated right away by a Medical Doctor in an Injury Clinic specialized in Personal Injury.  The benefit of starting with a Medical Doctor is that we can give you medications which will make your treatments with a chiropractor or physical therapist more effective.  And if you don’t already have an attorney, we work with many great attorneys to fight for you.

If you have symptoms like a headache or you can’t sleep then you need to see the doctor today.  Neck pain or back pain might seem like normal things to expect but don’t wait to be evaluated because it could be worse than you think.  Brain injuries and concussions are common after an accident.  Better to be safe and get it checked out.  You pay $0 because Auto-Insurance pays your bills.

What kind of a doctor should I see after a car accident?

To maximize your case settlement as well as maximize the quality of your care, the doctor leading your care should have the highest credentials such as an M.D. or D.O. doctor of medicine. Since Auto-Insurance is paying your medical bills, you might as well get treated by the most qualified professional as possible.  It doesn't cost you any more to get treated by the best, so don't settle for a less qualified person.  You should expect to be treated by an M.D. or D.O. doctor of medicine who is Board Certified.

Our Board-Certified Internal Medicine physicians will quarterback your case and lead your care by coordinating with a complete network of chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and neurosurgeons who will perform the treatments and provide the rehabilitation you need. All these treatments, including prescription medications, X-Rays, MRIs, and cortisone injections are all included for $0 out-of-pocket cost.

When searching for medical care after an auto accident or workplace injury, put your faith in the team of physicians at Accident Doctors.  These specialists offer treatment plans and help you pick the right attorney for you. Get the help you deserve and pay NO upfront fees. Call them today at (602) 632-0000 to request an appointment or visit them online for more information.