A workplace injury or illness can result in significant expenses. Workers' comp insurance is designed to help alleviate such costs and prevent employees from experiencing a financial burden. Here's what you need to know about the process. 

4 Common Employee Workers' Comp Questions

What does it cover?

The insurance is designed to cover medical bills associated with the issue, including initial treatment and ongoing costs, like physical therapy. It also assists with lost wages if you're unable to work in the same role as a result of the injury in the form of temporary total disability, permanent total disability, or permanent parietal disability. All three categories provide 66% of the average monthly salary

Benefits can begin on the 8th day after the incident. However, if the issue lasts more than two weeks, the first week is covered as well and simply added to the next payment. The coverage can continue until death if the arising disability is permanent. 

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What injuries qualify?

Workers' comp covers a wide range of issues. Injuries related to a specific incident, like a fall, are common, but it also extends to injuries related to repeated movements. Additionally, illness and diseases are also covered in most situations. Health problems related to the heart and mental health are not typically covered. 

For qualifying injuries, the claim must be filed within 12 months of the incident. If it's a result of repetition or a disease, then the time limit begins counting once becoming aware of the problem. 

Who can use it?

Any employee whose employer is required to carry coverage can file a claim. In Arizona, businesses with one or more regular employees must have workers' comp insurance, including both part- and full-time positions. Yet, it isn't required for independent contractors or domestic servants, like household maids. 

Does the injury have to occur at work?

Injuries don't have to occur at the main business location for coverage. In fact, the insurance extends to off-site incidents as long as they're work-related. For instance, a roofer can expect coverage if they fall from a house while installing a new roof for a paid client. 

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