When you want to install new carpet in your home, one of the biggest choices you must make is the depth of the pile that you want. The pile is the looped fabric that makes the flooring plush, and the depth affects how it looks, feels, and the maintenance requirements. Here is more information about how deep and low pile differ so that you can make the best decision.

Deep Pile

This style uses long fibers, creating a thick, soft layer of padding on the floor. Depending on the length and spacing of the individual fibers, you can choose an option that has a shaggy, artsy look, or a smooth, plush appearance that’s more luxurious. The former is better suited for a bohemian bedroom, while the latter can make a family den or living area more comfortable.


Deep pile carpet feels soft and supportive when you walk or sit on it, and it insulates the floor to keep the home warm. This style is ideal if you have young children or spend a lot of time on the floor, as it can cushion a fall and keep you comfortable for several hours. This style is not well-suited to high-traffic areas, such as the hallway near the front entrance, as shoes and debris can damage it.

Low Pile

Low pile carpet is made with short fibers or loops. This means the space between the fibers isn’t deep, so dirt and debris are less likely to become trapped on the surface. This makes low pile carpet easy to clean, as you can use a vacuum to remove the debris quickly. This is the perfect choice if you have family members with asthma or allergies, as contaminants won't remain on the floor.

This option is also easier for furniture to glide over and doesn’t show the imprints of heavy objects as easily. For example, if you love to rearrange the living room frequently, you don't have to worry about unsightly marks on the floor. It also works well in offices, as rolling a chair over the floor is less likely to damage the fibers.


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