Every business has assets, whether it's the personal information of clients or high-value inventory. Dependable security systems safeguard these assets from threats such as robbery, helping you to minimize risk. Cameras are the staple features of any comprehensive security system. Discover some benefits of these systems and what you should look for when shopping for them.

How Do Security Cameras Benefit Your Business?

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When would-be criminals spot cameras on your premises, they may be less likely to attempt a robbery or forced entry. Moreover, even if they proceed with a crime, your cameras tell the story of the event. The footage can act as a key piece of evidence in court. 

Aside from deterring theft, security systems also make for a safer workplace for employees, and the ability to prove an incident happened or not. Workers can take comfort because the company cares about their well-being and is protecting them with security measures. Some businesses may even qualify for deductions on their commercial insurance policies with security systems in place.  

Which Features Should You Look for in a Camera System?

There are dozens of features available in modern camera systems, but the following are the most important for ensuring quality, dependable footage.

  • A Range of Recording Modes: Some business owners only want to record “events,” such as when motion is detected, while others prefer 24/7 recording. Your needs may evolve, so look for a range of options.
  • Advanced Analytics: Today’s systems are powered by analytics such as data that tracks line crossing and intrusions, and face detection. These features can help investigators if a breach does occur.
  • Dependable Backup: Video monitoring is only useful if you have the footage to review when you need it. NAS redundancy is a data protection measure that prevents hard drive failure, so you’ll never have to worry about missing footage.
  • Night Vision: Violent crimes, including burglaries, are reported at night more often than during daytime hours. Therefore, it's essential that your camera can capture nighttime activity with quality night vision.
  • Complete Coverage: Some criminals are clever enough to look for blind spots in your cameras’ coverage. Avoid the issue with a motorized varifocal lens to ensure the device swivels and captures all angles or look for a fixed lens with 360-degree coverage.


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