Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is the next step in business phone systems, offering a wide range of benefits over old-fashioned landlines. This technology uses a broadband connection to transmit data. If you’re launching a new business, upgrading your phone systems, or transitioning your medical practice to include more telehealth visits, the following are a few reasons VoIP is the best option.

The Advantages of Switching to VoIP

Reduced Costs

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In today’s global economy, even small companies might need to communicate with partners, vendors, and customers all over the world. With traditional wires, long-distance calls can be prohibitively expensive. Because they rely on an internet connection, VoIP system call rates aren’t related to distance, which can slash your communication costs.

VoIP systems also don’t require extensive hardware or installing new wires. Converting to a VoIP system can be extremely affordable, especially when compared to installing traditional phone lines.

Unbeatable Flexibility

With hard-wired infrastructure, adding new employees or moving workspaces around can be difficult and frustrating. The placement of phone jacks can dictate where you place communication devices, or you may need to install new hardware.

With software-based phone systems, adding workstations is as simple as purchasing a new handset. Because these systems are entirely virtual, expanding your capabilities can be as simple as calling your provider.

More Bandwidth

Software-based communications systems offer a variety of features that can enhance your operations. For instance, secure video conferencing is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Using VoIP, patients can see their doctors from the comfort of their homes. Medical professionals can also consult with other doctors and specialists around the world using high-resolution video calling. While this technology was prohibitively expensive with traditional video conferencing solutions, software-based business phone systems put these services within reach for everyone.


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