Modern technology allows doctors to rapidly coordinate care and consult in real-time with specialists who might be hundreds of miles away. However, the complex business phone systems hospitals often need can be expensive to install and maintain, which is why more healthcare facilities are switching to VoIP. The following are a few ways cloud-based phone systems can reduce your communications budget and enhance your patient experience.

How VoIP Business Phone Systems Save Hospitals Money

1. Lower Long-Distance Rates

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Doctors and administrative staff often have to communicate with colleagues and patients all over the world. Most traditional telecom providers charge by the minute, which can amount to thousands of dollars every month.

VoIP technology uses the internet to transmit voice and video, with a flat monthly fee that lets you call anywhere in the world. You may also set up local numbers that automatically forward to your facility, reducing your communication costs even further.

2. No Infrastructure Costs

Installing, expanding, or updating a traditional business phone system can take several days and cost tens of thousands of dollars. This equipment must also be regularly maintained, adding even more to your communications budget.

Because VoIP uses virtual systems, there’s no expensive equipment or infrastructure to install. In most cases, you’ll only have to invest in new handsets to take advantage of internet-based calling.

3. Streamlined Billing Process

VoIP systems can quickly identify callers by phone number and route calls to an automated system that allows them to pay bills over the phone. Like the business phone system itself, these systems run on a remote server managed by a third party.

Making the bill payment process easier increases revenue without investing in more payment processing capacity. Automating these processes allows you to divert resources from bill collection to serving patients and delivering the best quality of care possible.


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