Smart technology has become an everyday part of many people's home lives, from voice-command speakers and remote controls to Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, thermostats, and home security systems. But smart features can also improve a commercial building, making the workplace more convenient and comfortable for employees and customers alike. Here are a few benefits of integrating smart technology into your workplace.

How Is Smart Technology Useful in the Workplace?

1. Manage Your Heating & Cooling Usage

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As a business owner or manager, budgeting is likely to be one of your biggest focuses, with heating and cooling costs accounting for a significant portion of the budget. With smart technology, you can track and manage HVAC use and program temperature and timing settings based on time of year, time of day, or employee preference. With the tap of your smartphone or tablet screen, you can adjust the temperature in various rooms, shut off the heating and cooling in unused spaces, and double-check that the climate control system is off outside of regular operating hours. As a result, you can save money on your heating and cooling bills, freeing up budgetary resources for other areas.

2. Enhance Building Security

A smart building security system puts all safety controls in your hands, no matter where you are if you have a smartphone or tablet handy. For the most comprehensive protection, invest in a multifaceted smart security system that lets you perform various remote functions, like arming and disarming the system, locking and unlocking doors, and monitoring the premises via cameras. Be sure to allow alerts, push notifications, and warning texts or emails in the event of a security breach.

3. Control Lighting With Ease

Just as smart technology gives you greater control over your building's climate, it also allows for more customized management of lighting needs. You can program lights to turn on or off at certain times or dim or brighten as needed. You can also easily adjust lighting levels in different workspaces or various parts of the building. There's a security bonus here as well, since some smart lighting options come with motion sensors to discourage criminal activity.


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