Structured cabling serves as the backbone for an efficient telecommunications system. These comprehensive infrastructures are used in buildings and campuses and contain several smaller components to create a network that supports technology and promotes improved productivity. Here’s what you should know about this important cabling service.

What Is Structured Cabling?

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The elements that make up structured cabling set it apart from traditional point-to-point cabling, which simply involves connecting a single switch, storage device, or server via a jumper fiber cable to another switch, storage device, or server. This type is ideal for a smaller institution or a limited number of connections. But large buildings and campuses have more complex cabling needs, for which a structured infrastructure is more practical and flexible. 

The average structured system consists of cables and management equipment that enables everything within the network to run smoothly. An efficient cabling service supports voice, data, video, wireless, and security needs. In a dedicated main distribution area (MDA), connections can be made between switches, storage devices, and servers to create a more robust telecommunications system that enables the needs of the building or campus.

What Are the Benefits?

The MDA is the hub of all structured cabling activity. Because all the necessary cords and equipment exist in this reserved space, it’s easy to add or move equipment as necessary. This complex system is designed with efficiency in mind, with an organized layout that includes structural support of trunks and patch panels that support hardware ports. This arrangement means there’s little room for error, which translates into less downtime and greater efficiency.

Moreover, structured cabling can save you from experiencing setbacks that may otherwise hamper productivity. A disorganized infrastructure can lead to mistakes if the cables are tangled or the wrong ports are used. Even swapping one cable can have an impact on the others in an environment like this. Structured systems are clean and streamlined by comparison.


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