Many students leave high school unsure about their next steps. They might be trying to decide on a major, or perhaps they aren't certain college is the path for them. An up-and-coming field that many are unaware of is fiber optics. One specific career to consider is that of a fiber optic installation technician. These professionals install and maintain fiber optic cables so homes and businesses can leverage fast connections for the internet, phones, and television. Here are some of the skills that can benefit prospective fiber optic technicians. 

What Skills Are Necessary for a Job in the Fiber Optics Field? 

1. Ability to Use Hand Tools

Fiber optic installation requires the handling and testing of various cables, so being familiar with hand tools can be beneficial. For splicing wires, a technician may use crimp tools, shears, and wire strippers. They may also use a light source and power meter to examine connections and an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) to test the connection of the new wires. 

2. Familiarity With IT Equipment

fiber optic installation

Fiber optics power strong internet connections for IT departments in businesses, so technicians must have a general understanding of standard IT components. For instance, a technician may need to connect the new wiring to a business’s modem. In this case, they’d need familiarity with basic IT equipment such as modems and servers, including what they look like and how they operate.

3. Mathematical Skills

Much of a fiber optics installer’s job involves math. For example, they may need to calculate how many feet of wiring will be needed to complete a job. Or perhaps they’ll need to test speeds to determine whether the wiring meets the required parameters. Having strong addition, subtraction, and estimation skills can be beneficial in this industry.

4. Attention to Detail 

The fiber optic cables technicians work with contain fragile strands of glass through which light signals are carried. Damaging these wires during the installation process could prevent proper connectivity. Technicians must therefore be highly cautious and detail-oriented when handling the cables and using tools. 

5. Comfort Working in Various Environments & With People 

Many installations will take place outdoors, and it’s possible repairs may be needed in any range of weather conditions. Technicians should therefore be comfortable working in the heat and the cold. Technicians should also feel comfortable working in tight areas such as basements, attics and crawl spaces, as part of the fiber installation process may take place in these spaces. They should also possess strong interpersonal skills for interacting with customers in office environments.


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