Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is commonly used in professional environments. The business phone system is popular because it’s economical, offers flexibility of use in and out of the workplace, simplifies making conference calls, and provides exceptional sound clarity. However, there are some basic guidelines to follow to optimize this service. Here's what you should know. 


Use a single provider.

It’s much easier to streamline your work processes if they’re all provided by the same company. This includes the business phone system and your internet access. Logistically, using one provider makes it far simpler for each process to work in tandem, making life simpler for departments and easing inter-office communication. 

Prioritize internet service.

Always use a VoIP service provider who offers internet connectivity. If you rely on a carrier who expects you to use your own or doesn’t host phone equipment, you can experience sound issues. Yet, they likely can't troubleshoot such a problem if they don't provide internet service. However, by hiring a company that streamlines each service for you, you can rest assured that they'll inspect the network firsthand to determine and solve any problems.


Automatically use more bandwidth.

business phone system

If you’re experiencing issues with call clarity, it’s simple to point the finger at a lack of bandwidth, but this isn’t always the issue. Your provider should offer a suite of solutions to resolve such problems that could otherwise affect your bottom line. Jitter, for example, is a condition that impacts call quality and can ruin the audio. It occurs when data packets are delivered irregularly instead of all at once.  

Sacrifice connection security.

End-to-end encryption is key to safeguarding your professional phone lines. That's why the more secure your VoIP, the safer your company’s proprietary information and sensitive data will be in the long term. Ideally, your provider should offer fully integrated encryption that goes beyond protecting the call signal. It should also encrypt any media exchanged, ensuring that every conversation is protected from potential third-party disruption.


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