Voice over internet protocol is a telecom service that delivers voice and multimedia communications over internet-enabled devices. It converts analog voice signals into digital signals via an internet connection. To find the right VoIP system for your business's needs, here are three considerations to keep in mind.

What Features Should You Keep in Mind When Selecting a VoIP System?

1. Internet

telecom service

VoIP phone calls need between five and 25 Mbps of download speed, file downloading needs 10 Mbps, and teleconferencing requires at least six Mbps. For best results, you should have a high-speed broadband connection rated at least 100 kbps per phone line. This ensures clear, quality, and dependable connections and lightning-fast data transfer. A telecom service can assess your business's current internet capabilities and upgrade as needed to make the system VoIP-ready.

2. Hardware

Your business's existing phone systems might be VoIP-capable if they already have built-in IP technology. If they don't have this component, you will likely need to upgrade your phone system. This is important to know for effective budgeting of a VoIP installation and for preparing any training plans that may be necessary for educating your staff on the new phones.

3. Functionality

By choosing a VoIP service that offers various features, you can be confident that your new system will meet the needs of the business and help it run more smoothly. Make a list of the functions your phones need to provide the highest levels of support and get input from staff members. The list might include call logging and restrictions, an automated attendant, holding music, or phones that link to door locks. By seeking out VoIP products that incorporate these features, you will have a system that serves your business well.


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