Fiber optic lines have transformed the way we make calls, watch TV, and connect to the Internet. These incredibly thin strands of optically pure glass transmit light to carry digital information. In the world of fiber optics, fiber splicing is a common practice used throughout telecommunications industries as well as in LAN and networking projects.

What Is Fiber Splicing?

At the most basic level, fiber splicing is the act of connecting two fiber optic cables. When one cable isn’t long enough to cover a specific distance, splicing can be used to increase the cable’s length and fulfill the needs of the installation. Additionally, if a cable has been broken, splicing can restore it. There are two types of splicing: mechanical and fusion.

fiber splicingWith mechanical splicing, a device is applied to hold the two ends of the cable together. In doing so, it allows the light to pass from one fiber to the next. Light loss transmission for mechanical splicing is about 0.3 dB. Mechanical splices are useful for LAN applications and can be performed on single and multi-mode cables.  

With fusion splicing, the fibers’ ends are fused together via an electric arc or heat source. This virtually seamless connection leads to lower rates of lost light transmission—generally about 0.1 dB. Fusion splices are most useful for single-mode fibers and in applications where it’s essential to minimize signal loss and reflection.

How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Fiber splicing has several advantages for telecommunications companies. For one, it allows for timely repairs and installations, as the technician can use the cable which has already been run instead of having to rewire a significant length. For another, it allows companies to maximize the use of their fiber optic cable, which is an important and sometimes costly investment.


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