How much do you understand about your company’s IT network? What type of cabling system do you utilize? In today’s data-hungry world, it’s crucial for business owners to consider these questions. By upgrading to a structured cabling system, for example, you can increase productivity and avoid wasting valuable time. Here’s why network cabling improvements are so important to your success. 

How Structured Cabling Will Benefit Your Business 

1. Support Business Growth

While every business aims to grow, it can be challenging without the right IT infrastructure. Older systems often have thousands of cords, making them time-consuming to maintain. Structured cabling, on the other hand, allows your individual servers to connect directly to a communication backbone, freeing up your IT resources and making it easier to expand your workforce. 

2. Reduce Downtime

When your network is down, you lose out on valuable work time, and your employees become less productive. While any IT system can run into issues, structured cabling reduces downtime, protecting your revenue. This type of network is easy to maintain, and since all of your devices will be connected to one central cabling panel, IT professionals can quickly identify and repair issues. 

3. Increase Tidiness

Structured cabling is far neater than traditional options, such as point-to-point network cabling. As a result, you’ll avoid untidy cords, which can lead to accidental falls. Also, it’ll be easier for IT professionals to keep track of where each cable goes, making the system management process effortless. Finally, structured cabling is far cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than multiple wiring systems, improving the look of your commercial space.  


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