Most companies will send out a technician when you schedule telecom services like fiber optic installation or business phone systems. These professionals require access to certain areas in a building and will offer a right-of-entry (ROE) agreement. It’s important to understand what these are and the role they play so you don’t create any roadblocks that hold up installations or repairs.

Your Guide to ROE Agreements

What Are They?

A ROE agreement is between a telecom company and a commercial property owner, homeowner, homeowner’s organization, landlord, or similar entity. When you sign, you’re allowing the provider to gain access to your property to do their job. In the case of a commercial client, this could also mean introducing new business opportunities to the telecom service through unserved tenants in the building other than yourself.

Problems with ROEs arose in the late 90s when major service providers were monopolizing service through ROE agreements. While this has since been regulated, always read the terms of a ROE agreement and work with a reputable provider.

What to Look for in a ROE

telecom-service-lafayetteThere are important details in a ROE that ensure you maintain control and say over the telecom services in your building. Make sure that you retain legal ownership or right to use onsite cables, pathways, and other connections crucial to telecom services and that you can provide access for technicians.

Work with the technicians so that they can also clean up and organize cables. They should be allowed to remove unused cables, provide basic maintenance, and install new ones, such as fiber optic. You’ll be responsible for quality control, and if a third-party contractor is used, for approval.

This should extend to the right of service. The telecom service should be able to connect with other tenants in a multi-tenant building to offer their services and should also be held to a quality standard of your choosing. In some cases, it’s even appropriate for a building owner to receive compensation for introducing new clients to the telecom company.


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